Wanda Crocker, Gerry Strong, Jean Hewson and Rick West are all long-time contributors to the Newfoundland traditional music scene. They have played with each other in sessions and in various combinations on stage over the years without unfortunate incident. So, why not answer Newfoundland's desperate need for another traditional band and find fame and fortune before geezerhood takes over entirely? "What odds, may as well", they thought and hatched WHAT ODDS in the (very early) spring of 2013. The rest is unwritten history.

Veterans Jon LeDrew (mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals) and Don Walsh (acoustic guitar, backing vocals) team up with Toshio “Tatsu” Oki (fiddle, backing vocals) and Nadine Hollett (lead vocals) to bring you a variety of folk and traditional songs from a diverse repertoire.  These musicians come from the ranks of such notable bands as TICKLE HARBOUR, THE PLANKERDOWN BAND, RED ISLAND, BROTHERS IN STEREO, and THE DENIS PARKER BAND.  In addition, they have played with such luminaries as Paddy Keenan, Seamus Creagh, Matt Cranitch, and Emile Benoit and Rufus Guinchard, just to name a few.  This trio weaves a unique blend of style and delivery that promises to enliven, enchant, and entertain.